I sat on the old bench today,
And I did look around,
I smiled as I enjoyed my handiwork
Looking at the flowers.

That old weed I took
From the side of the road,
Back in 56 or was 65 when it was?
Blooms every year, oh yes it does.

I laugh when I look at it,
The weed others do it call,
But to me it is a flower,
One of the pretties that does grow.

Tulips come and tulips go,
As the iris also do.
Petunias are neat
And so long they do last.

But to me the favorite of all,
Is the red rose.
A red rose bud, to me anyway
Means love so strong and deep.

But raising red roses for me,
Is a very hard feat.
So I enjoy other peopleís
And covet them I do.

But if I had my way,
In my own world, know what I would do?
I would raise forty-leben red roses
Blooming all year long,
And their scent I would send to you.

Red roses oh so plentiful,
Red roses I do love,
But even more so than the rose
It is you I do love.


© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)





Poppies orange and bright,
Do a small bed there fill,
Single petals oh so pretty
Pity they can not stay longer

Iris oh so magnificent
Stalks tall and thick, yet so fragile.
Blooms of a heavenly texture,
Colors deep and heavenly

Glads oh yes, but not right now,
Majestic as their stalks I observe,
A flower that makes me smile,
For it was my motherís name.

Impatiens oh I do like,
For during the winter they are a sight
Grow them in the laundry room
Bring them in when they do bloom.

Grow outside, grow indoors,
Grow on a shelf or on the floor,
Impatiens bring a smile to me,
For they remind me of a friend.


© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)






The cold does fade away,
Followed by the rains,
So now that it is warm again,
Things should really start to grow.

The flowers should shoot up,
The veggies should start to grow,
But the grass and weeds,
They will take the show.

Plant flowers in the flower box,
Lots of pretty ones,
But shucks, why not be simple,
And just petunias put in?

Petunias come in so many colors,
And so hearty they do grow,
Blooms a-plenty all around,
Everywhere they do grow.

Just pinch off the old dead blooms
And some water do apply
Then your petunias will be
The prettiest ones around.


© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)






Little Dianthus oh how pretty
Little flat round flowers,
All in a small circle
You do grow.

Lots of colors, oh how pretty
Butterflies and bees you do attract.
But Dianthus, oh pretty little flower
Stay just like you are.

A wide cluster you do grow
two different colors from
One stalk,
Round of shape, round of cluster


© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




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