Independence Day, A Different Slant


  If we were all truly independent, what would that be like?
No team work there would be; everyone would be on strike.

Dare to be different would take on a new meaning for one and all.
Everyone would do their own thing, some would have a ball.

Perhaps there would be chaos in the street.
Even the law would act individually with those they meet.

Now, there is independence and there is independence.
Total individuality would make no sense.

Don your favorite tie or scarf, but without your brother and sister you must not live.
Everyone can't be an island; we must all take and give.

Never be totally independent, on someone you should rely.
Care for one another, do not by yourself die.

Each one has something to share on this earth.
Day in and day out from the moment of birth.

All for one and one for all is the American creed.
Yes, this is independence at its finest, yes indeed!

Happy Fourth of July!

  Phyllis Ann (


Independence Day
What Independence Day means to me, by Katie, age 10



One day our four fathers got together and decided that they wanted to make a country. They just got off a big boat that came across the sea, but the driver of the boat liked the old country best and told our four fathers and four mothers, too, that they had to pay him for living on the new land. Now the four fathers didn't like that at all much, so they shot the boat driver with a musket and made friends with some red people that gave them corn and turkeys. One of the red people named Pocahontas fell in love with one of the four fathers on the side and they used the boat driver's ship to go back to the old country and tell them all about it. Well, when they got back, they were sore afraid. The old country's people had got real mad and said they were going to make some red coats and come over to the new country and take it over. Well one of the four father's name was Paul, and he got scared, too, so he ran up and down the streets yelling "The British Are Coming." "British" was the funny name everyone called the men in red coats that got off the new ships.

While the four fathers and mothers were waiting for the "British," they had a tea party. Something must have been in that tea so they all got drunk and threw it in the ocean. Things got pretty heated up after that because someone said it didn't have taxes in it, but when the red coats started running up and down the coast they could be seen far and wide. Since the four fathers didn't have bright clothes, they ran them off and killed them all. Then the four fathers thought they had better make a country so it would be strong and so then they told the Indians to get off their new property. The Indians didn't like it much, but they moved over and traded off some beads. By that time the four fathers and the four mothers had made some children. One was named Betsy Ross and she got some needles and threads off those old ships that the red coats came in and sewed some red, white, and blue stripes together. Then she decorated that with stars. Betsy had all the time in the world, and George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and another one loved her well for doing that for them.

The British never bothered the four fathers again, they were free and their free children had some more and theirs had some more, and if it weren't for those four fathers, I couldn't write this story. And if I even could, I would be in jail because I wouldn't be able to say what I did. And that's what July 4th means to me, besides the fire crackers and roman candles, and mother's potato salad that has onions in it too big.

  Norma (


Fourth of July



Our country good or bad, our country is the one we have. Our country right or wrong, best county of them all. Where else in this world can one have inalienable rights? The right to bad mouth the county hard, to say whatever they want to say? Sure we have had problems and lots of strife. Sure we have wrong turns made.

Slavery was not the only problem, but when we were founded and it was started, indentured servants we already had, and just look at the rest of the world. What other countries did in and to their new world? Me, I blame so called Christianity. And without starting a great big fight, look at what it has done all over the world.

If religion you study. If you read and with a broad mind, you will find that except for Shinto we all worship, in effect, the same God. Now I know blasts on these statements I will receive and am willing to sit down and argue with you. But I made my statement and if you are intelligent with it you will agree. Case closed by me.

This country did strive to give each person inalienable rights and allow for a person to go and do what they wished within limits. We took peoples' lands, drove them away, and slaughtered them in the name of progress. Yes, look at the Incas, the Aztecs, the Caribs, even good old Canada. Look at the Kurds, the Sunnis and so many other peoples.

But by gosh, by golly, we are mostly free, in the best dang country there really is. So enjoy the fourth in your own way. Enjoy it and while you do, go back and some history review.

By now I have you riled, so do a little thinking and reading. We as a nation made many peoples sad and blue, and a lot of red was shed, both good and bad, as we tried to our way gain. The white is sort of thin, but mostly with good intent.

  Tom (


Fourth of July


  Independence Day is special for me as it's my birthday you see,
My mom always said I came out with a bang!
I love our country flag, and all
So on an early 4th we will have a ball.
Saturday is the special day,
My family, friends, and some I don't even know,
Will get together again and have good times:
Music, and games galore,
And I will tell them again, PLEASE NO MORE!!
At my auction I sold boxes and boxes of red, white and blue,
And once again I am collecting a LOT MORE,
Xmas, birthdays and all holidays,
They come bringing me more patriotic ways.
The baskets are neat, the towels, and shirts,
But when I think of my age, it really hurts!
Oh, well. I will keep piling up the red, white and blue,
And to my country, I will always be true.

  Marilyn J (


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