Cradled in clouds of crisp linen
I escape to shadowy places.

Inklings of gilded mirrors
gauzy their reflections,
fantasy woven soft
in sovereign mystery
wreath fairies
around my head.

Insubstantial phantoms
glide merry
in gem studded slippers
moving in meticulous minuet
just out of my reach.

Vague visions eddy
glittering images laugh
extruding the perfume
of alien flowers.
Peonies full blossom
float chimera
in my head.

Harbingers jubilant
sing arias in the distance.
their wind chime perfection
wafts ethereal
in my ears.

I am rocked
sweetly in oceans harmonic,
drifting vagabond
in a rainbow
of dreams…

  © Lea (


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