From a Sunysky poem

Not everyone likes it
To live in conditions dry
But some of us enjoy
The open clear blue sky

My Thoughts

I was born and raised in the Blue Ridges,
Lots and lots of trees, everywhere you be.
But when to the West I did go,
Where for a hundred miles,
Not a tree does grow.

Met an old lady, in 1961 it was,
She asked me how I liked it out here
In the open land.
Told her I missed the trees, told her trees I did like.
But she did look at me and some words did say.

"Sonny boy", she said, "I was only 30 or so,
The open spaces will, upon you grow.
After a while, if you stay around long enough,
The open spaces and big clear sky
Will be your mantra."

I laughed at that old lady,
Laughed and hee-hawed deep,
For she knew no other place
Than out in the West.
Out where there few trees but infinite open sky.

It is now forty-four years later,
But when of that old woman I think,
A big smile I do get.
For now I do the open spaces love,
And feel the Karma of godís nature here abouts.

I love the open dry and arid place,
I love to about it wander, as I ponder deep,
I enjoy the openness, that alone feeling,
I do so it enjoy, that when I pass,
My ashes will oer it be strewn.

Tom (




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