At my kitchen table
Coffee at my plate
Sitting there for hours,
To break away I hate.

Surrounded by years of love,
The family coming ‘round,
Eating home cooking and talking,
Such a warming sound.

Piled with Christmas goodies,
Remembering holidays past,
Reflecting or just reading,
Memories linger and last.

Daughter-in-law's little embroidery,
A mock frying pan,
Bearing her precious stitches,
Picture it if you can.

An old friend's needlepoint flowers,
A gift of blue during renovation,
She has gone to heaven now,
But left her inspiration.

A printer's devil box on a shelf,
Carefully chosen figures sought,
Just for me - just for myself,
By a loving daughter's thoughts.

Also there's an outside deck
Which would run a tranquility second,
But my old kitchen takes the cake,
Where all those memories beckon.


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