Aging is expensive,
If youíre into repairs,
Which can be extensive,
For those who put on airs.

Let nature have its way,
Is my advice to all.
So what, your hair turns gray,
And boobs begin to fall?

Got no teeth left to chew?
Heck, thatís not a big deal.
Just do what babies do,
Slurp on a mushy meal.

Arthritis got you stiff,
And nothing works for pain?
Youíll feel much better if
You start drinking again.

When youíre suitably drunk,
All your cares will be through,
Youíll no longer feel punk,
And expenses are few.

Just find a dry gutter
To pass away the night.
If a cop comes, mutter,
ďIím perfectly awright.Ē

And should you go to jail,
Youíll get free room and board,
If you just refuse bail.
Now, this you can afford.


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