Sometimes life can get you down,
Facing each new 'morrow with a frown
Fate's finger soon becomes a poisoned thorn
To make you rue the day that you were born
So every step you take will make you weary
Your way through life will turn out drab and dreary
The rigid digit pokes each orifice
Then prods you down the jagged precipice
Until your lonely, last despairing yell
Heralds your disappearance into HELL

But, if you face your life without a fear
Try to meet disaster with good cheer
Greeting each new friend you meet along the road
Offer share the burden of his load
Your kind and generous heart loves every man
When helping others is your master plan
Fate's finger will caress your every day
And point out blessings as you wend your way
Beckoning like an old familiar friend
To show you to your rest at Journey's End


  Thomas Vaughan Jones (





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