Picture this globe, a mass of hate and greed,
as humans kill themselves on Planet Earth.
Why do we claim to be the only creed?
What difference colour, faith, or place of birth?
Take credence of the nearest pulsing star
which gives us warmth and light, and night and day;
an energy, a life force from afar,
bestowed on us from countless miles away:
And while we give our thanks to Father Sun,
think of the planets dancing in his wake;
Could there be living beings on any one,
some secret species waiting to awake?

Now count the stars that decorate the sky:
Each one a sun, sustaining in its light
a planetary system nearby;
substantial, real, though they avoid our sight.
And every planet that we cannot see,
that we have not the power to explore,
could carry life as sentient as we;
A billion life forms just outside our door.
So why exist in total ignorance?
This miserable spasm called the human race,
choosing to live in blinkered arrogance.

A teardrop in the infinite eye of space!


  Thomas Vaughan Jones (TVaughanJones@aol.com)

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