The time has come for me to leave
This place Iíve loved so dear.
For all of us there is a time
And that time now draws near.

My mind is filled with dreams galore
Before I have to part.
So many dreams of yesteryear
And how they got their start.

The dreams of the past are memories
Giving me reflection
To help me build my future dream
In the right direction.

ďIt seems like only yesterday!Ē
A phrase I often hear.
How true that seems as I think back
To when I first came here.

All too quickly the years have passed,
As Iíve endeavored to give my best
In teaching my students year after year
And in fulfilling my lifelong quest.

Dreams and memories shall remain
Part of my lifeís great treasure.
The love and friendships I have gained
Are so abundant beyond measure.

As I depart and bid farewell
To everyone Iíve known here.
A part of me shall always stay
In this school that I hold so dear.

But life must go ever onward
And precious though they seem,
The dreams of the past now must serve
To build my future dream.

So now I face a future -
That is part of the Plan.
May my lifeís work be a legacy
For the betterment of Man.

And may I search for a purpose
In lifeís mystery and scheme,
As I continue with my mission
To help others gain their dream.


© Marian M. Aboltin (




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