In the morning when all is so soft and smooth,
In the morning before anyone starts to move,
In the morning when we still have to yawn and stretch,
That is a gentle time to me.

These gentle mornings do make the day for me,
So slow and easy as the world starts to wake up,
As I start to move about and enjoy what is.

The gentle and slow time early in the morn,
The gentle morning time when I do so appreciate,
Appreciate all within my purview,
Appreciate all I have seen and can think about.

Gentle mornings do make for a pleasant day,
As it sets the tone for everything else,
As it gets me in the mood,
To enjoy and things do.

Gentle mornings, oh yes indeed,
Makes me look and really appreciate,
Makes me happy, my fingers want to move,
And say to you, a Gentle morning I hope you do have.












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