Once the chambers inside echoed
The gleeful sounds of merriment.
Voices raised in laughter and song
Epitomized an aura of contentment.

Known as a haven for everyone,
Whether carefree or in despair,
That house provided sustenance
With a generous and welcoming air.

Fortunately many discovered therein
The strength and will to start anew.
It warmed the heart and soul to see
What that old house could do.

The mansion was a beauty
Built of wood, brick and stone,
With the date of its dedication
Inscribed on its cornerstone.

The demise of its benefactors
Brought a sad and untimely fate.
The occupants were issued orders
From the premises to vacate.

Silent and empty now
As the promises that were made,
The house looks lonely and dejected
In the old oak treeís dark shade.

No longer the sounds of happiness
Echo in the rooms and halls inside.
Though itís bare and empty,
Nonetheless it still stands with pride.

Where are they who once
Reaped the benefits it gave?
Where are they for it's time
The old house now to save?



© Marian (MeriRiter@aol.com)



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