Ten million, an estimate,
For nobody knows for sure,
But none should face the sad fate
Starving children must endure.

Is it not hypocrisy
To let hungry children die,
While those in Romeís Holy See
Let vast riches multiply?

What of vows of charity,
As clerics feast on the best?
What is this duplicity?
Can they see themselves as blest?

Real estate holdings alone,
Could assure these children live.
How can pious men condone
This crass reluctance to give?

Artwork on Vatican walls,
Hang to the Churchís great shame.
When any starving child falls,
At her altars lay the blame.

Clerics make their arguments
That the Church must remain strong,
To retain its influence,
In opposing all thatís wrong.

Yet, payoff funds and court fees
Church leaders manage to find,
When the pedophile disease
Bares priests of an evil kind.

Granted, some financial base
Is needed for spreading good,
But it points out flagrant disgrace,
When the scope is understood.

Untold wealth, does the Church hoard,
With approval of its flock,
While childrenís deaths are ignored,
Despite righteous papal talk.

Let the masses rise and shout,
Condemning Romeís position,
On children going without,
Coping with malnutrition.

Strip the coffers and the walls!
Let priests practice what they preach.
Their hypocrisy appalls -
Salvation, beyond their reach!

  © Rick Mack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)




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