On a stroll through the meadow
She swung her shapely hips
And tried not to swear
As she stepped in cow chips.

Not her idea, this meadow larking.
Her soulmate from Harmony to meet.
It said, "Country Boy" loved nature.
So she slogged through the peat.

See, a city girl she really was.
But the truth, she didn't tell.
She tried to look fetching, ever so sweet.
In this bug-ridden meadow from Hell!

Her and "County Boy" I.M.'d all day.
She saw his pic, blonde, eyes of blue.
Fell in love right on line, certainly did!
And some of her profile wasn't quite true.

Under a tree just ahead, looked like a shadow.
Must be "Country Boy" waiting ahead.
Ran a hand through her hair, put on a smile,
She waved and "Yoo-Hoo", she said.

Put on some speed, she ran for the tree.
"Country Boy? I see you there!"
The closer she got the slower she went,
"Country Boy" looked like a bear!

Swatted at bugs, her smile disappeared
Must be a bear, didn't look like a man.
A U-turn she then quickly made
And out of the meadow she ran...

Back to her home, sat by the computer.
"Delete and Delete" she went through her files
Tonight she'd head to a bar down the street
To work on her womanly wiles........




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