In the window of Wolf’s shoe store,
There is displayed a butterfly bag for ladies to adore.

The canvas tote sports monarchs in all their glory.
The bag is for sale, and it carries an interesting story.

The bag was made by a blind lady with loving care.
Her work is so beautiful, there is nothing to compare.

Never having seen the objects of her artistic flair,
Makes one wonder how she makes them with such intricate care.

Running her hand over her mother’s embroidered pillow cases,
She pictured the insects in her mind as she fingered the edges of delicate laces.

Soon she began to make her bags with the same tender care,
People came to the shoe store window to stop and stare.

Under the bag there stood a sign for all to see.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


© Phyllis Ann (


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