The sizzle of the setting sun,
The whisk of brush strokes cross the sky,
Flutter of wings, as day is done,
And birds toward nesting places fly.

Whispered noises across the lawn,
As the evening breeze descends.
Soft falling steps of doe and fawn,
As their foraging hour ends.

Clang and banging of pots and pans,
Slamming shut of the oven door,
Whirr, as tops are removed from cans,
Chairs scraping on the kitchen floor.

Then, the clinking of silverware,
And the clatter of dishes, too.
Family chatter, as they share
News of the day, now almost through.

The silent blink of stars above,
The whisk of clouds crossing the moon.
Thumping heartbeats of those in love.
Plaintive cry of a forlorn loon.

Hum of tires along the street,
Buzz of mercury vapor lamps,
Buglers blow the notes of retreat,
In far flung military camps.

The world is filled with twilight sounds,
If one but takes the time to hear,
And the sun continues its rounds,
Till daylight assaults our ears.

  RickMack (


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