When our country was young and unsettled,
And the prairies extended throughout the land,
Only the wild animals freely abounded
Among their native habitat so grand.

Then came the hardy pioneers
Looking for a better way of life.
Most homesteaded and made do
Enduring a measure of some strife.

The railroads helped the settlers
By establishing towns along the way.
As the silver ribbons were extended,
Another town was built to stay.

And so it was on the North Dakota prairie,
Where two great railroads did their part
Each wending through different areas,
But each helping to give the state its start.

Though some of these towns are very small
And their days of prosperity are no more,
They take civic pride in their heritage
And stage annual celebrations galore.

Although these annual events may vary,
There is usually an outdoor barbecue,
With tug-of-war and whisker contests,
Bingo and dancing, to name a few.

These several days of celebration
Are attended by folks from far and near.
After a long, cold, confining winter,
Many may imbibe on spirits and beer.

The festivities become more extensive
When a town has a special anniversary.
A grand parade and dignitaries are there
For the likes of a Seventy-fifth Jubilee.

This is a part of Americana
That remains precious to those
Who were born and raised on the prairie-
Whose love for that land ever grows.

  Marian Aboltin (MeriRiter@aol.com)



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