Ah, but there is a feel in the air,
And that certain smell that you get,
What is this feel and smell?
Autumn magic is coming around.

The dark green of summer begins to wane
As some aspens start to so early turn.
The bird bushes start to get that red
Autumn magic is showing up everywhere.

The evenings are cool and beginning to get brisk,
As you smell the changes around,
Soon frost will sneak in too,
Autumn magic will begin to swell.

Football season, pumpkins getting big,
Cider will soon flow from the press,
Brown will slowly green supplant,
Autumn magic will be the rage.

The mornings seem so late to come,
The birds seem to fly away,
Shorter days we do see,
As the magic of Autumn does lead to winter.

The fruit does grow in one big spurt,
More than we can really eat,
As tomatoes, oh so big do grow,
As Autumn does come to us.

The joints do begin to ache
As the heat is not so intense.
As a blanket for we do reach,
Autumn is coming fast.

I think of all the chores ahead,
Think of the work I must do,
But fishing is so good,
What is as good as an autumnal trout?

Ah, the seasons do come and go,
Four of them each year,
But Fall does a special feeling bring,
As the autumn magic does again come our way.

The grass does crackle 'neath my feet,
As the grasshoppers jump about,
Indian summer it is indeed,
Autumn magic does it so change.

The deer and elk, their antlers full,
Soon will be crazy in rut you see.
Soon the harems will be claimed,
As autumn magic does alter them.

Frost in the high country,
Flakes of snow will soon fly about,
Pumpkins harvesting and gourds too,
It's autumn magic that changes all.

Me, I just look around, scanning high and low ground,
Reminiscing of the summer just gone by,
Thinking about the winter snow.
Boy that autumn magic does make one think.

Birds and bees tell us so,
That the summer season must now go,
Time for the browns to show up
Autumn Magic puts on quite a show.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)





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