Me and my sister Samantha. She is older than I and is always bossing me around. “Bud do this, Bud do that. If you don’t do what I want, I will tell momma you broke her rose bush.” Samantha said this as we walked out into the garden where Momma had sent us to get some cukes and a couple bell peppers for supper.

“Lookie Samantha, lookie there. Look at that big old grasshopper sitting on that sweet potato vine. Man he is a big un,” I yelled to her as she was looking off down the road toward the car that was coming. See, we lived on a dirt road and this time of summer you could see a car coming far and wide for they put up one big dust trail. That is why poppa would get oil from the service station, oil they had drained from cars, and he would strew it up and down the road near our house to cut the dust. “Samantha, come and see this big grasshopper, hurry afore he flies away,” I yelled, but she just moped over.

We both squatted there and watched that big old grasshopper. He was nothing special, just a run of the mill grasshopper, but he was a big one he was. “He is watching us Samantha, he is watching us to see if we are going to try and catch him,” I said, as I knew if I jumped to catch him I would land on the sweet tater vines and then I would really be in trouble.

“No, he is not watching us. He is getting ready to spit on you Bud, spit that old baccy juice on you,” Samantha said. I looked at her and she added, “Like that old brown stinking baccy juice Mr. Martin spits when he sits on Grandpa's porch at the store.”

I grinned. “No he ain’t, he is my friend and when you turn to walk off he will jump down your dress and make you jump up and down and cry and yell, and run in the house crying.” Then I thought, if she did she would tell momma that I had done it and so momma would whip me, and when poppa got home he would whip me some more for being mean to my sister.

Just then a mouse ran out from under a pumpkin leaf and down the row. I jumped up, grabbed me two clods, and chunked them at him. Samantha saw the mouse when he was at least twenty leben feet from us and screamed and ran into the house. I chased after that mouse, hoping I could see a rock and get lucky and whomp him. But he was gone.

I went back and the grasshopper had gone, too, so I went over and checked the watermelons. One was nearly ripe but poppa had to say when. Then I remembered what we had come to the garden for so I quickly picks what momma wants and take them to the house.


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