Kids are a puzzle I can't figure out
Their volume is always turned to "shout"
When they're tired the dial is changed to "whine"
When playing with someone it's "gimme, that's mine!"

They're hard as rocks, soft as down
Serious thinkers, funny as clowns
Fast as lightning, slow as a slug
Sweet and cuddley as a bug in a rug

With a dirty face and skinned up knee
A hole in their smile where a tooth should be
They'll charm you out of the money, and
Run out to give it to the ice cream man

She'll make you tea, pick you a flower
Play with her dollies by the hour
He'll give you a frog, or a worm, or snake
And expect you to eat the mudpie he makes

They're imps and angels, three to five years old
Awake or sleeping, they're silver and gold
Whether quiet as mice or slamming a door
You love till it hurts, then love 'em some more

  susi Taylor (


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