Civilized thought is different,
From that of extremist Islam,
Where it’s claimed Allah’s word was sent,
With holy war, the main program.

It’s unconceivable to us,
This mad notion of suicide -
To kill passengers on a bus,
And, in carnage, take twisted pride;

To hate anyone so deeply,
That one would embrace the mad need
Of selling himself that cheaply –
Killing Muslims, too, by his deed.

What rot have clerics permitted,
To become so firmly ingrained
That with a bomb men be fitted,
And immolate, as they were trained.

Why have these killers been assured
That Allah will reward their acts,
While from punishment they’re inured?
The Koran offers no such facts?

Note these clerics’ perverted ways,
Feigning to honor Allah’s voice,
Ignoring what the Koran says,
While in deaths of brothers rejoice.

Extremist clerics bring disgrace
To Allah, by their vile ranting,
To Islam and the human race,
With the seeds of hate they’re planting.

Time has long passed for tolerance.
Such clerics should be called to task,
And forced to change this circumstance,
By stripping off their two-faced masks.


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