A little monkey named Zete,
Loved the old organ grinder Pete.

They sat on the corner of 6th & Vine.
Zete for his little sweetie Rita did pine.

She was back in the shelter where they had parted.
It was back in November, when it all started.

Old Pete needed one monkey, not two.
Old Zete sure was blue.

Rita wanted to be with Zete down on Vine,
But she couldn't get out of her cage in time.

An old lady named Sue saw Rita and took her home.
Rita and Sue decided to roam.

They ventured to 6th & Vine one day and heard an organ playing oh so sweet.
You guessed it, it was Zete and Pete.

Well Sue fell head over heels for old Pete,
And Rita thought being with Zete was really neat.

Soon they were all down at 6th and Vine on a regular basis;
You should have seen the smile on the crowds' faces.

Pete soon retired and gave up his corner,
You guessed it, he was an organ donor.

  Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)




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