Petunia in garden
Growing wide and far
Pretty in her finery
Covering earths' scar

Wearing colorful skirt
Spreading along the ground
Left to her own devices
Twirling all around

Dancing in a breeze
During springtime light
Petunia has style
In pink, purple, or white

A beauty of springtime
So attractively clad
Cheering up the garden
That certainly isn't bad


© Sharon (


Petunia keeps on growing,
When other flowers wane,
The weather hot or dry,
The just don't seem to die.

The geraniums start out beautifully,
A wonderful site to see,
But just give me old petunias,
They are the best there is, you see.


© Marilyn J. (


Pretty fair petunias,
Fragile, frail but bold,
Blush in gone winter's pinks
In terra-cotta bowls.

Too delicate to survive
Except for garden dili-gents
Fold your skirts to scorching sun
After gentle spring is spent.

Fleeting photos of your glory
Inspire a painter's palette,
And nostalgic old folks' stories
Recall your bonny ‘til May's advent.


© Norma (


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