A'settin on thuh front porch wif muh feet up on thuh rail,
Spittin' watermelon seeds tuh see how far they sail,
Our rusty truck is up on blocks high above thuh ground,
Thuh "for sale" sign has faded an nobody came around.

Thuh Jawjuh hills iz purty, that's where we make our 'shine,
Thuh days iz long and lazy and thuh livin's mighty fine,
So if y'all iz down this way, stop by to say hello,
Set a spell on thuh porch wif us, an watch thuh flowers grow.

Life don't git no better'n than livin' in thuh south,
This New Yawk gal cain't say no more, so ah'd better shut muh mouth.

Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)


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