What are you remembering as you sit there?
Days and years so very long ago?
Did you wonder why you had to grow
and learn the sadness of the world you know?

What do you look at in your mind?
Do you see the little girl you were?
Do you wish you could go back to her?
Or, are all those memories just a blur?

What songs do you hear in your head?
A lullabye your mother sang to you?
Hymns you sang from the family pew?
The Wedding March when you said, "I do?"

Why do you think you have no hope?
Because your years are flying by?
You think no one can hear you cry?
That the world has simply passed you by?

We all will reach this place in time
Where quietly we live out our years
And think of memories we hold dear
Until we fade away from here

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)





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