"Let's go to Woolworth's and look around"
The wonderful words my Mom said to me.
Anything you needed could always be found,
You could have yourself, a shopping spree!

Islands of counters covered with 'things'
Salesgirls bustling quickly, all over the place.
Pirate's Loot, look at all those brooches and rings
And the powder and rouge, for a pretty face.

The toys had a place towards the back of the store.
Crayons, paints, Coloring books and dollies.
Puzzles and games, stuff they had galore!
You and Mom at your own shopping follies.

To the side, in the front, there's a soda fountain,
With those really tall seats that you could spin.
Getting on one was like climbing a mountain!
Chocolate sodas so good, they tasted like sin!

So many bags, and they're all filled with plunder.
You carried just as many as you possibly could.
Mom and her money were soon torn asunder.
"Let's go home now, we certainly should!"

Remember the sign was all red and gold?
And the windows were filled with a glow.
I thought that Woolworth's would never grow old,
And I thought that I'd never have to go slow.

The Woolworth's is gone with a piece of my heart.
And the memories grow even sweeter.
Now I spend my money at the Wal-Mart.
And apply for a job as a "Greeter".

  Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)




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