Thoughts On Marigolds


Marigolds, bright spot of September,
When all around is drooping limber,
As life in accord with His plan remembers
To prepare itself to sleep.

You perk in yellows and burnished gold,
And tell us winter won't really blow cold,
And we won't truly grow old
As long as you are there.

You hold us in our dreary nature,
And our attention to you capture,
As holidays, parties and glories enrapture
Hot summer hearts with hope.

  Norma (


Hello September


The sun retires a little sooner each day.
The dark green leaves don't look the same.
I guess Mother Nature will have her way.
Now Autumn is coming into the game.

The Summer's heat you will remember.
Bet it won't go away all that fast.
It'll stay this sultry through September
And the woolies in mothballs from the past.

Maybe Father Time will be forgiving,
And let us slowly come to the cold.
But as long as the trees are living,
The colors change from green to bold.

Then will come the day the wind blows
And the colors then will swirl all around.
The trees have their fashion shows.
Before the leaves all fall to the ground.

I know what the day is on the calendar.
But I can deal with end of frying sun.
And when I take a look at the thermometer,
Summer is sure that it isn't quite done!

  Swampetta (


September Is Here


September is here, rah, rah, rah,
Football season is now here,
Back to school sales
Bending my ear.

Flowers are wilting, trees grow yellow,
All of this is supposed to make us mellow.
Birds and wooly worms too
Are looking toward fall.

Days are hot, nights are cool,
Soon that blanket will
Surely feel good,
As long breeches I will wear.

Fall flowers, oh so pretty,
As the asters and mums do
Reach fruition,
All in nice bright blooms.

Soon the first frost will come
And oh that will be so bum,
The leaves will fall and you know what?
We will start to think about the next spring.

  Tom (


Right On Time




The air seems so much cooler now,
As hot summer days are waning.
A pregnant woman makes a vow,
No more weight will she be gaining.

She tosses in her sleep at night,
Worried for the baby, her first.
Her tummy's stretched awfully tight,
And she feels as if she'll soon burst.

Exhausted, she sprawls in the grass,
Where marigolds are on display,
In hours, her water will pass,
And right on time for Labor Day.

  RickMack (

Graphic Art by RickMack (



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