If we panic, allow our senses to shut down,
we lose and not in this state find the joy
that can be ours. If we seek the Guide, let Him lead,
comfort, infuse--we can cross that expanse of desert
littered with skulls and slithered reptiles
and control our inner being. We can knock down
those barriers that constrict, constrain, thwart.
We can embrace and enjoy that wisdom known
to the ancients--we can tap that inner power,
that unconscious us that waits to spring free.

There is no secret to accessing the Inner Self.
Only a rigid adherence to daily meditation, prayer, and reflection.
Sit upright in a semi-dark, quiet room, and consciously
still the conscious until calm transcends to a blue
radiance, enshrouding, ennobling, enhancing, humbling.

The Former Self diminishes and recedes
as the newer [and paradoxically older] Inner Self
nears that new and exciting plateau
that we intuitively know sets the stage
for a subsequent launch to another, higher;
and yet another higher still.

Rod (AMPAW@aol.com)




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