Raking leaves, raking leaves,
Why do I have to rake the leaves?
When I was a child, oh fall was fun to me,
For lots of leaves meant fun and games.

Large piles of leaves all raked up,
Run and dive into them, and scatter them out,
Kids, look what you have done!
Was the scream poppa did make.


For every Saturday in the fall,
As soon as the leaves began to fall,
Poppa had to rake the front yard,
Rake those leaves down and out of the way.

Didn't matter how few there were,
But rake those leaves we had to do,
For we could not have dead leaves in our front yard.
So rake them off East or to the grape arbor.


And when all of those majestic maples were bare,
When all had shed their leaves,
All those maple leaves
Were raked over to the garden and put in a pile.

Large, thick, deep piles of dry leaves
For me to dive into and spread all around.
Push them together and do it again,
Every evening after school, play in that pile of leaves.


Then after they had all dried
It was leaf burning time,
Early on Saturday morning Poppa would light the fire
And the leaves would burn, smolder, stink all through the day.

As they burned, you had to stir them up,
Turn the damp ones over to burn,
And then as dusk came around,
Make sure that the leaves had burned out.


Those were the days, oh yes indeed,
Days of a young boy who liked to play,
Days of fun and silly games,
As Poppa raked leaves each Saturday.

But then when I became old enough, I had to rake.
Then, as I became a man, my own yard I had to rake.
I would stand and my two sons watch,
As they did play in the leaves, I did watch.



Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)







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