As I sit here now so close to tears
I think back through all the years
Of a little boy dressed all in blue
And to think that little boy was you

This boy I held so close to my heart
I have been there from the very start
Steps along the path to an Eagle Scout
Iíll tell you a little of what itís all about

He as a Bobcat started along the trail
And attended all meetings without fail
This scouting to me was nothing new
For I had sons, they had gone through

I think of the eyes lit so bright
As you told me of the campsite
How neat, sleeping on the ground
With all the guys gathered round

The campfire casting shadows big
The cracking of an unseen twig
You werenít scared or so you said
As you lay in your snug sack bed

As you prepared for Pinewood races
Every year there were different faces
Three years in a row, you won your pack
Then Grand Champion no looking back

Watching as you learned to use a knife
Then to light a fire more lessons in life
Camping and fishing became a passion
Learning how to cook after a fashion

You finished in Cubs, Oh what a sight
I was so proud of your Arrow of Light
Then on into the big Scouts you went
The following years wonderfully spent

Patches and Merit badges you earned
And telling me of all you had learned
The excitement as each time you went
To camp, hike, climb, time well spent

Learning, growing more strong each year
Looking back it is hard to hold the tears
My head now fills of things youíve done
I am so very proud of my little grandson

You did the ordeal came out on top
No matter what you did not stop
Order of the Arrow set in your sight
You did it son and you did it right

It took a year but you came through
The project for Eagle we all knew
Would be difficult for you to complete
You did it with help and faith did keep

That oath you took as a little boy
With eyes so wide and so full of joy
You took it along with all the rest
Recall it now; you did do your best

Sitting here now, I start to cry
I am so happy so donít know why
Youíve done it you followed the trail
You made it to the top without fail

I am so proud my boy, so tall and regal
You made it, you did, the rank of Eagle
You met the challenge and then more
Spread wide your wings, let the Eagle Soar

September 1, 2005

By Becky (


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