They are "The Street People", and they have arrived by the tens of thousands, seemingly all at once, in an invasion unlike anything ever witnessed in America. Surrounding them, touching them, are large bodies of contaminated waters. To witness this, it takes little imagination to realize this is an above-ground sewer system. And the stench and hazards are only beginning. Yet, this is the new way of life for "The Street People".

Who among them wouldn't be discouraged, disgusted, frightened?

This morning, my eyes were opened wide when I turned on FOX news and saw the most recent New Orleans disaster footage. Then I heard the newscaster say, "No water, no food, but they have machine guns," as she shook her head in disgusted disbelief.

I continued to watch. "The Street People" were being captured on film everywhere. Several minutes later, it was reported that some of the local officers have resigned from their official positions, citing that their job is not worth putting their life on-the-line at this high-risk situation in New Orleans. FOX reported that one sheriff inside the Superdome told a news reporter, "Don't come inside unless you have a machine gun."

All around the city, armed National Guardsmen stand strong, glove-covered, holding their rifles against the mass of "The Street People", New Orleans residents roaming streets. Armed, the Guardsmen are at-the-ready if an assault occurs. Inside the Superdome, it has been reported that daily rapes and murders occur. And now, one local hospital with 1,100 patients, is reporting that, although their most critical patients are being moved out for medical care, they have had to assert themselves against "The Street People" who stormed the hospital in need of food and water. Although hospital staff took the situation into control and these people have been 'quarantined' in 'isolation', their own medical battle continues.

New Orleans is a battle zone. New Orleans is a bio-hazard about to explode. New Orleans IS a wasteland. We ALL see it. The Street People are still everywhere. And the internal time-bomb is still ticking....

New Orleans is no ordinary city. With a population of 500,000, and two-thirds of its inhabitants black in the low-income or below-poverty-levels, many of the inhabitants of New Orleans were unable to evacuate when the manditory restrictions were set into place. Many city residents were living in crowded apartment complexes or in the "Projects", with no way out when the officlal evacuation order was made.

The State of Louisiana and The United States created "The Street People". Where were the planners, the Congressional leaders, the transportation for these low-income persons who had NO MEANS OF ESCAPE?

Thank God For Friday....Now the convoys are en route to New Orleans. Now, the millions of units of food and water are on the way.....Why, oh why did it take so long? Yet, as if these events were pre-planned, at The Congressional Black Caucus, Congressman Cummings is now remarking on the situation and is commenting about businesses that need to come forward with aid for these disaster victims. He asks about supplies of bottled water, baby formulas, or private helicopters.

But New Orleans is still no ordinary city. New Orleans is a battle zone. How can businesses and private citizens enlist and engage in this city's battle unarmed and poorly trained to deal with the magnitude of the actions of "The Street People"?

I know what I have witnessed, and ORDER must be restored to the New Orleans battleground. One question, though, remains before us all: Why do "The Street People" want to shoot the messengers?


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