High School Seniors vs Life School Seniors

High School Seniors think they run the world----We KNOW we do!

High School Seniors live for the next party-----We hope to make it to the next birthday.

High School Seniors want to be a little bit better than anybody else.---- We only hope to get carded for the next "Senior Discount." (Flattering, Eh?)

High School Seniors Don't want to have a "Broken Heart".... We are grateful that it beats. (Uh, would you hand me that suitcase of pills?...Thanks.)

High School Seniors want to wear the most popular clothes brands.--- We look for the cheapest brand of 'Depends'.

High School Seniors search for "The love of their life!"---- We take anything with a pulse or at least an implanted defibrillator.

High School Seniors want to drive the most envied cars.---- If it starts and stops and is paid for, there's nothing more desirable.

High School Seniors think that waiting for something longer than a hour is a lifetime.... We are VERY GOOD at waiting and wish time didn't fly by so fast.

High School Seniors can be very judgemental of others---- AT LAST!! Something in common!

High School Seniors are convinced they'll never get older than 25----- We can't be sure when we were 25.

High School Seniors can do long term planning for the next 5 years---- Long term planning for us is seeing what's on TV tonight.

High School Seniors are positive that parents are WRONG! ---- We think their parents are, at least, a bit off base and know we could have done it better.

High School Seniors still aren't sure what they want to be when they grow up---- We are still deciding when "Grown Up " happens.

High School Seniors would never want to act like "Senior Citizens"----There are times when we act like Kindergardeners.

High School Seniors can think that "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."----Not only did we PLANT that grass, and WATER it, and MOW it...we can look for the day that we will be the reason it is so damn GREEN!

Life is a series of contrasts. Never forget what you didn't learn on the way through!


Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)



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