The stainless steel spire of the Chrysler Building
Concrete streets teeming with millions of people
Dressed in designer clothing
Rushing to go to important places
Broadway plays and the excitement they offer
Tall townhouses with wrought-iron railings
Silk brocade at the windows
Rembrandt and Monet on the walls
Perfectly manicured lawns and gardens
Flowers planted in precision-like rows
Gourmet foods cooked by professional chefs
In fancy restaurants with French names

A quiet hillside covered with pines
Kudzu creeping over the ground
A wildflower garden planted by God
Two people alone, content and smiling
In a country house with porches and chairs
Sitting and watching the squirrels scamper
As the robins splash in their bath
And hummingbirds flutter nearby
Sunlight coming through the window
Cornbread baking in the oven
Chicken roasting in the pan
And the Iced tea is always ready.


Frannie (




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