(Inspired by photos sent to me by my good friend Tom Hamm)



Wyoming! Oh, Wyoming!
How I love your snow-capped mountain ranges,
glimmering in the full moon. How I love your
lush shadowed valleys and green plains;
your blistering sun, your choking dust;
your drenching rains, your raging rivers;
your blinding blizzards, and dazzling sunlight
dancing across your wintry ranges.

Wyoming! How I love your majesty, sublimely grand;
your people free and spirited;
your rodeos, your dirt-bike trails;
your dust-stained cowboys astride lathered mustangs--
how I love the rustle of your tall evergreens when brisk breezes blow;
your lumbering bear, leaping deer, stalking panther, and fearless eagle
that quickly becomes a flashing projectile plummeting earthward
toward an unsuspecting prey.

Oh, Wyoming, how I love your red-stained clouds at early dawn,
your frost-filled mornings, your first feathery snow that brushes cold
when ruddy autumn bows to winter gray--ah, then, will I
as my last breath is spent, and my soul upward sent,
look back and proclaim, there's been a mistake.


By Rod (AMPAW@aol.com)




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