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how lovely -
a flower with
butterfly wings

© Marilyn (

I Know It's Autumn

Look over there! By the trees!
It's a butterfly, I heard him sneeze!
I did so...Oh yes indeed.
The one that's sitting on the ragweed.

Beautiful plants, look at that vine!
Could Poison Ivy look so fine?
The trees are baring, leaf by leaf.
And my allergies show no relief.

Sinuses were full all through the summer.
All the sprays did was make me number.
Dripping with snot by the snootful.
And you think Autumn is so beautiful?

How much longer do you think it'll take?
When I start sneezing at a snowflake?
My young nose never gave a flutter.
Now I act like a total nutter!

The seasons change, and I will too.
Comes the winter and I turn blue.
In the spring, I'll probably thaw out.
"Here we go again!" you'll hear me shout.

Please ignore my pitiful bleating.
At least I know my heart is beating.
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.
I'm now allergic to them all.


© Swampetta (

Autumn Delights

On a flower bright
A pretty butterfly lit
Roadrunner saw
Snacked just a bit


© Sharon (

Autumn Delights

Iíd like to write of autumn trees
Of blazing foliage, rustling leaves,
Just canít feel that coming freeze
When itís today a 100 degrees.

The football boys are burning up,
Trying to gear for the Heisman cup,
While their Gatorade gives them big hiccups,
And helmets melt, theyíre all bent up.

Orange and black speak of skeletons,
Baby costumers cry for ice melons,
Pumpkins look like wrinkled fellowtons,
Drying on the porches of Magillaton.

The weatherman is going gray,
Being yelled at day upon day,
Wants to say cold fronts are on their way,
Itís a hundred degrees in the shade this day


© Norma (

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