Mist wafts skyward from the many valleys
Making cars and trucks appear and disappear

We enter the soft white clouds
Where pavement warmth and cold fall air meet

Slashes of fiery color high above the road
Stand like sentinels among the myriad of green trees

The sun floats upward into the pale sky
And light floods the space around us

The black ribbon is dappled with light
Making eastward travel a blinding challenge

Lumbering trucks heave up the mountain
Spewing smoke and impeding those who follow

Cresting the hill we cling to the safety of the right hand lane
While watching trucks defy gravity, impatient to surge ahead

Moisture beads the brow when we feel the suction of the beasts
As they pass to begin the steep descent

Full sun now colors the sky a clear deep blue
The wild flowers along the shoulder cling to last warm days

Blinking signs and orange barricades
Serve only to slow the pace for a short while

The behemoth's brakes squealing shrilly echo from the hills
As all jockey for position to start another climb

A slowly changing landscape lengthens the distance of vision
Signs of civilization emerge on the flattened plane

Sun on the horizon, we see lights begin to flicker
The intensity of the race has taken its toll

Rumpled clothes, damp with adrenalin, cling to tautly rigid backs
And fingers painfully unfold as we see the sign..."Welcome"


Joy (Joy3032@aol.com)





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