Siegfried house mouse came running. Well, Siegfried did not run, he ambled along. “Bopper, oh Bopper I found it, I found out what we can have for the harvest festival!” Poor Siegfried was the brains, the Einstein of the mouse world on the lane.

Bopper and Fug were lolling in the sun after having overeaten the tender skunk cabbage roots. “Yeah Sig, come join us. The sun is warm, the day is quiet, and Hawkeye Hawk is not flying around,” Bopper said as he let out a giant mouse sized burp. “Ah, excuse me Sig. Tender skunk cabbage roots always gives me gas.” Bopper had a grimace on his face.

“Now what did you find out Sig?”

Fug stood up, shook a little, then turned around. He lay back down so his stomach would be open to the sun. “Sig, you are one fat mouse. What on earth do you eat in that house and what do you do? Shucks Sig, if a cat got after you, you would be one dead mouse cause you are too fat for a hole, or even to find a place to hide.” Fug did not care for the brainy Sig because he could not understand what the smart mouse was saying.

“Aw Fug, go distend your stomach some more and learn one or two words,” Sig said. Then ignored Fug and turned back to Bopper. “Bopper, I found where the woman stores her fruitcakes and Christmas candy. She always starts early so she will not be rushed when the season comes around,” he said. He tried to read Bopper’s expression. Sig admired Bopper for he was all that Sig was not, handsome, likeable, and always finding adventures.

“Where is it, where in the house?” Bopper asked, for he had been into the house and knew a little about it. “Sig, did you check to see if there is a way to get it out, to get at it? And can we do it?”

Sig looked at Bopper thinking. How could this shed mouse ask all of these questions of me, Sig, the brain? “No, to be honest Bopper, I found where it was hidden but did not do a study of whether it could be removed once it was recovered.”

Bopper smiled and leaned against Sig. “That is Okay. When you go back you check it out, and tonight when all the house lights are out, I will come through the doggie doors and we will reconnoiter and see what we can contrive.” Bopper was trying to get Sig’s ego and confidence back up.

Now during the conversation, no one had noticed the ominous shadow moving around on the ground, which meant to watch out.

Sig started from the corner of the shed straight toward the gate and Bopper squeaked as loud as he could. “No, no Sig! Stay out of the open! Hawkeye Hawk is around.” Bopper saw the shadow on the ground and started to run toward the chugging Sig.

Just as Bopper neared Sig, Hawkeye Hawk swooped down and with his mighty talons grabbed the tubby mouse.

Was Sig a goner? Would he be Hawkeye’s lunch?

As Hawkeye grabbed the fat little mouse, he started to go straight up. But he had not allowed for the extra weight of the pudgy mouse and he stalled. Hawkeye quickly sat down on the ground to get his balance and equilibrium back, and whens he did, Bopper scampered over. Bopper ran up Hawkeye’s back, up on his head, and before Hawkeye knew what was happening, Bopper lay across his eyes and bit Hawkeye as hard as he could.

“Squawk, squawk! Dang mouse, you bit me!” The pain caused Hawkeye to quickly release his prey.

“Run Sig, run!” Bopper yelled as Hawkeye jerked his head and threw Bopper ten feet away. Bopper ran under a close pumpkin vine and saw that Sig had made it under the garden gate.

About then Old dog barked a big rough and gruff "Woof!" and Hawkeye, with his bite still hurting, quickly took off.

Bopper was shaking for he knew what he had done was foolhardy, but Sig was his friend and Sig wanted to help a friend. Sig did not stop until he was back in the house where it was safe.

Bopper lay on a big yellow squash and cooled off. Then he took a nap. Finally, when it got dark, Bopper went back to his hole and rested before it was time to meet Sig.

The night was black as there were rain showers in the area and Bopper and Fug got wet as they went to the house. Bopper had become adept at slipping through the two doggie doors that led into the house. But if the people ever learned a mouse was coming and going through their doors, they would certainly close them up.

“Sig, hey Sig,” Fug yelled as they stopped in the foyer. “Sig ole fat buddy,” he yelled, squeaking as loud as he could.

“Shush Fug, you want the house to hear us?

"Sig will be in the basement,” Bopper said, and the two mice scampered down the steps and into the laundry room. “Hey Sig,” Bopper called, trying to keep his voice down.

In a moment Sig came waddling out. “Hi Bopper, hi Fug. I have not stopped shaking from my ordeal with Hawkeye.”

“Come on and I will show you where it is, where the treasure is,” Fug said as he went out of the laundry room. He stopped in front of a tall metal storage cupboard. “There it is," he said. "There are her Christmas cakes and the other stuff she made.” Fug's eyes were darting back and forth like a radar antenna.

Bopper went around the bottom of the big cupboard. It was metal and it had overlapping doors so it would be mouse proof. But Bopper found a way up. He wanted to get on top to see if there was a way into it. “Come on up Fug, come on up Sig,” he called out. The top was just like the bottom and the seams were solid.

Huffing and puffing, Sig and Fug made their way to the top.

Bopper’s nose was sweeping. “Oh I can smell it. It smells like fruit cake and fudge,” he said.

“Well, let's get a little bit now,” Fug said, and he jumped up and down, thinking about the fudge and a big sugar high.

“First we must find out how we can get into it. Then we must figure out

how to get it out.” Bopper joined the other two and the three started scurrying about looking for an entry.

After a while all three agreed the woman had a mouse proof storage place. “Lets go Fug and Sig. Keep us posted and maybe she will forget to close it one day so we can have a feast.” Bopper ran down to the floor and when Fug joined him, they started upstairs.

About half way up the stairs the hair on Fug’s back stood up. “Cat! Bop baby, Cat!” he yelled, and both mice stopped and looked around.

“Slowly Fug, slowly. Let's see if it is awake or sleeping,” Bopper said, and he crept up to a large Calico cat that was sleeping in front of the doggie door.

“A new cat,"Bopper said, and he started to figure and think. "What had those folks needed a cat?”

“Gosh, Bopper, that is one big cat,” Fug said, and he looked at the big paws that were sticking over the top step. “How will we get out Bopper, how do we get out?”

Bopper thought a moment then finally came up with a plan. “Fug, go around the edge of the wall and try to jump up. Try and go through the doggie door,” he said.

“Bop baby, I ain’t never made it up and out that door without your help,” Fug replied.

“Go try," Bopper said. "If you can, then go on outside. If you can’t crouch under the doggie door, I will get the cat’s attention.”

In his most stealthily manner Fug made his way around to the doggie door but could not jump up and over the edge. Bopper motioned for Fug to be still.

Bopper took a great big mouse breath then slowly tip-toed over to the Cat’s face. Standing on his hind legs he rose up, opened his small mouth as

wide as he could and bit hard. He bit the top of the cat's nose.

“Meooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!” The cat screamed as it jumped up. Seeing Bopper squirt under him and between his legs, the cat let out a big hiss, “HIsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....” and started to spin around and grab for whatever it was that had bitten him. Oh, did his nose hurt!

“Yippie,” Fug squeaked. He ran forward and bit the end of the cat’s tail.

“Meooooooooooooooow,” the cat screamed, and it jumped. But since the cat was facing the stairs, it jumped halfway down the stairs. "Kersplat!" It did not land on its feet.

“Up out, Fug! Quick! Up and out!” Bopper boosted his friend up and then jumped up himself. And the two

quickly skirted across the back porch, through the other doggie door, and out into the courtyard.

Just as they reached the courtyard wall and were through it, the lights came on in the house. They could hear the man yelling above the loud scream of the cat.

“He hee, boy you got it in the front and I did a tail attack,” Fug said, and he laughed. He and Bopper did a couple mouse high-fives. Then quickly they scurried back to their holes, laughing all the way.

The next morning the cat was taken to the animal shelter for the man had found some mouse droppings in the foyer.

And when he saw the bite marks on the cat’s nose he said, “This cat was whipped and bullied by a mouse? Nno dang cat for me. Traps work better.”

Old dog told Bopper about it as he figured who it had been.


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