Shufflin' along, head hung in despair
New Homeless Joe spied a glint down there.
Hopin' an instant it would be a coin big,
It was just a penny, not worth the dig.

Joe scratched it up, dropped it in his pocket.
Then went his way again and promptly forgot it.
"Til he saw a blind man without any legs,
Where he always sits with a tin cup and begs.

Joe paced before him five or six more times.
Guiltily, some dropped in a nickel or dimes.
Joe satisfied he was on the up and up.
Clinked the shiny penny in the old beggar's cup.

As he walked away he hummed a tune,
Feelin' rich and lighter in that city's noon.
When he felt a hand pat his strong lookin' back.
"I saw you do that," said a stranger named Jack.

"I have a pad not too far away.
If you'd like a job, you're welcome to stay."
Joe, always the skeptic asked "What would I do?"
Jack replied, "I need a stone mason or two."

Joe's eyes lit up like his mom's Christmas tree.
That's what he did ‘til he broke his left knee.
"Count me in," he said, head up with pride,
And hopped in a car with this stranger to ride.

So the next time you see a well-piled stone wall,
Remember Homeless Joe and the time he did fall.
Never more give a sneer to a penny.
There's someone out there who has not any.


© By Norma (


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