If the world was all downhill,
How convenient it would be.
Cars, we’d no longer need fill
With expensive gas, you see.

We’d merely release the brake,
And away the car would roll.
What endless trips we could take,
Stopping just to pay a toll.

Oil fields would be diminished,
With slanted topography.
Dealing with Arabs finished,
No more oil dependency.

Gouging we’d no longer face,
When pulling up to the pumps,
If Earth tilted ev’ryplace,
Without any rising humps.

Of course, we couldn’t return
To the spot from which we came.
Downhill, no gas would we burn,
But driving up, all’s the same.

Because our world is round,
And the land rises and falls,
Service stations must be found,
Before a vehicle stalls.

RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)



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