The green, the green, all winter we think green,
Then comes spring and green is here,
But after the long hot summer,
Then comes the Dog Days.

We swelter, we water
As the blooms and colors we honor,
Flowers and foliage we work to attain,
Our pride and colored beauty.

The reds, the blues, oranges too,
With pink, purple, and lots of yellow,
Colors we strive for, blooms we near die for,
Summer, our time of the year.

But then as the days do shorten,
The Mums and Asters,
Do buds develop,
The grass turns brown, the leaves do too.

Soon the yellows of the Aspen leaves
Our attention does turn to,
As colors darken, and the trees.
The trees began to make their change.

Oranges and yellows in many hues,
Along with reds, but never blue,
Do soon abound as fall does
Its annual appearance make.

Mums and Asters for football games,
The leaves turn brown and do fall.
One last gasp natures does make,
As the colors do change.

Fall colors and the slowing pace,
As the temperatures drop,
And we began to relax,
Oh yes, fall and its colors.


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