How can something so lovely and alive

Through this approaching coldness not survive?

We look and see your crimson red so bright,

Still shining through the morning's light.

The snow now to your leaves will adhere,

Soon to leave your branches bare.

Those here that have loved your beauty,

To give your all, you have done your duty.

Spring will come and another bloom in your place,

Withered now, you are left to God's grace.

For every thing, plant, animal, and man,

In His infinite wisdom there is a plan.

Your's to be in heaven, giving your perfumed pleasures,

Still, forever more viewed as one of God's treasures.

For all who believe in His truth will never perish,

They are all His creations, the creations He cherishes.

By Pat (



By Tom (

A small rose red rose bush on the hill,
Just little roses, nothing big.
Oh the blooms it did have,
And the buds, oh so beautiful.

Little red rose bush on the hill,
Lots of buds, lots of blooms,
But came the fall and you know what?,
That little bush was full of buds.

But as the nights did cool and chill,
My little rose bush, I did cover,
Covered it with a cardboard box,
Took it off during the day.

Alas, the ninth of October,
It did rain all day,
Came the evening, it began to snow,
And that one red rose bud was near its end.

And this morning the snow I removed,
There was that bright red rose bud.
My last rose of summer, you I salute,
For so many enjoyed your summer beauty.

By Tom (


The images come from two of Tom's ( photographs.

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