I am the cat sitting on the fence, meowing,

Asking what are you doing, my Man in the Moon.

I look and turn my head left and right.

Now and then I see clouds come to cover you.

I know you are just staying where you are.

There are nights when you are a different size.

The eclipses make you a crescent,

Or a half, or a full moon.

It is a wonder that you move along in the night.

With time, you follow as from night to morn.

Amazing, my Man in the Moon.


Thanks to you, I see my shadow at times.

Are you the sun in day, changing to moon at night?

I wonder.

On cloudy days, are you resting or asleep?

Doesn't matter, as you come at the right times.

I know you don't disappear, as I see you again.

A wonder is when stars come out and sparkle the sky,

Along with you, shining bright.

My Man in the Moon.

Oh, what a glorious sight.


By Lilly (Lilprincessitali@aol.com)





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