Has anyone really seen Mother Nature?
Not flowers or clouds that she sends.
What does she look like, this mythical creature?
Is she black, white or some other blends?

Some swear she has a Caucasian face.
Others don't see her that way.
Samoans think she's of Polynesian race.
Let's hear what she has to say.

"Prisms of color reflect in my eyes.
You can see whatever you desire.
You can make up some fantastic lies,
And say my hair is the color of fire.

In the frozen winter, blue-white is my skin.
Summer sun makes me ten shades of brown.
Depending on what sort of mood that I'm in,
And rainbows make up my gown.

I can decide the colors of flowers
Or if and when they will bloom.
I may send winds howling for hours,
Felling trees to give me more room.

I'll send some floods here and there.
Somewhere else, a drought for good measure.
All mankind thinks I really don't care
And destruction gives me great pleasure.

The cities you've built in perilous places,
You have paid no attention to me.
Parking lots fill up all of my spaces.
For your car, you'll cut down a tree.

You march around with your little signs,
Held up with sticks made out of wood.
"Stop Global Warming!" and silly designs.
I don't think that it's doing much good.

Your wars are killing my greatest creations.
The people who've lived in this world.
Blood soaks the ground in too many nations.
And you brag about bombs that you've hurled.

Once in a while, my temper is lost!
I send some strong winds to remind.
Over the levees, waves I have tossed.
Stealing souls you may never find.

You once were my children, special to me,
But my love, you now have ignored.
And I will keep trying, until you can see,
That you're destroying what I have adored."

Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)



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