This morning Tom ( wrote a poem about how he spent his Saturdays as a boy. He sent the poem out as an ism and these are some of the responses he received. First, his poem and then the responses.

Another Saturday

Just another day, only Saturday,
Saturday to me has always been the day,
Maybe it is the last day of the week,
But just stop and reminisce.

Saturday you did not have to go to school,
Saturday was maybe the movies,
Going to the hot dog stand,
Browsing the five and dime.

Saturday a date with that special one,
Go to the Drive-In, eat some popcorn,
Work to money earn,
Do the chores put off all week.

Park on that tall hill,
Listen to WWL, New Orleans,
Big band dance music,
As you held her oh so close.

Saturday night, stay out late,
For Sunday was a day of grace.
Sunday was that special day,
Sunday dinner after church.

But Saturday was when
For supper you got special food.
Homemade fried apple pies,
Butterscotch coconut cream pie.

Saturday is still that special day to me,
But then I am free the other six days,
But being the child I am,
I still look forward to Saturday breakfast.



As a child, I had to help with the cleaning on Saturdays. I didn't have a very exciting life growing up.


I remember Saturdays as a young person. It seems like on Saturday we got to go into town. Sometimes we would visit family and those were fun times.


As a matter of fact...even though I was brought up in Brooklyn, Saturday was special to us. It was Movie Day! And picnics in Highland Park...and playground rides....and NO SCHOOL! And special breakfasts...pancakes made by Poppa so mom could get a few extra minutes of sleep. There were 8 of us...and we were all home on was a helluva lot of fun and noise! LOL


Loved to go to the matinee movies on Saturdays. I did housework for Mom on Thursdays and Friday through out the summer so I could go to my uncle's cab stand and goof around.

I went to a boarding school and got to go home on weekends and holidays. There, the dances were supervised and we had one once a month. I didn't go home on weekends after I had a boyfriend. I didn't want to miss the dances.


You bet I remember the Saturdays.... raking the leaves... polishing all the furniture and ironing all the clothes..... I remember them alright ha ha


Saturday for me was a day for doing the chores you didn't do the week before. But Saturday was sorta different, too. My Saturdays were different from the Saturdays of other kids in our community. Saturday was the day when my brother and I had our music lessons. Saturday was the day we went to the dentist.

Saturday was 'going-to-town-day'.
After my piano lesson, I would walk
down town and meet my mother.
She would accompany me and my brother
to the dentist. Groan.
Then after the dentist,
My brother and I would go to the movies.

On the way home from town, we would
stop at my grandfather's store
where mother would buy our weekly supply
of groceries. My brother and I would always
get a poke of candy and eat most of it on the way home.
Home was four miles from my
grandfather's store.

Yes, I liked Saturdays....
except for going to the dentist.
I got to see most of the movies
that came to town because that was
my reward for having to sit in a dentist chair.


Send Tom an e-mail and let him know how you spent your Saturdays. He will be glad to hear from you.


Tom (




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