"Darn women, can't trust them nohow," TomCat thought as he was hustled into his carrier and put in the back seat of the car.

TomCat didn't know it, but he was headed back to Delaware, destined to live with his first owner and love, young Basil, the college student. Back in 2003 when Basil graduated and moved to a new apartment that didn't allow pets, TomCat was shuffled off to Long Island to live with Frannie.

Life with Frannie was very good. She fed me only the best, Fancy Feast. She knew that Savory Salmon was my favorite. My cat litter was the most expensive kind and she kept the box spotless. Frannie was very affectionate and talked to me as though I were her equal (which I am). We got along very well and life was good. The only problem was that she tended to be finicky about certain things. I wasn't allowed on the kitchen table. I wasn't allowed UNDER the bedcovers. As hard as I tried to manipulate her with kitty kisses and head-butting, she wouldn't give in.

Without warning, Frannie meets this guy, an educated preacher from down South. Frannie was always a churchgoer, so I knew right away when a preacher showed up at the door that this was serious and there was going to be a problem. Frannie talked a lot about him, telling me how smart he was, but I figured he's just a hillbilly and she'll get over him. What could a New York lady like my Frannie have in common with a hillbilly preacher? Anyway, I didn't like sharing Frannie with anybody, and I came between them (literally) as often as I could. One day the preacher had on his good Sunday suit and I made sure I rubbed up against him, leaving my white hairs stuck to his trouser legs. The grimace on his face made me laugh.

So, to make a long story short, Frannie sits down with me one day and explains that I have to go. The preacher is allergic and they are moving far away. I looked at her with my big blue eyes and thought, "Yeah, sure. That guy is just jealous because he sees me snuggled on your lap when we watch television, with my head on your chest."

But there IS justice in the world. Now I'm back in Delaware, living with Basil and his girlfriend. They adore me. And they don't chase me off the kitchen table.

Oh, by the way, my new name is Sugarfoot. I hope you're happy, Frannie. I am.

Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)




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