Madam Lee was with us longer than Madam Wong.

Lee was very protective of Wong.

Wong, somehow became an invalid as time went along,

To the point that during the daylight hours,

We would carry her to her outside resting ground area,

Placing her near food and water.

(All of our feathered friends had the run of the property).

Free range.

They went in their shelter at dusk on their own.

Oh, now and then we had to pluck a chicken or two

Off the branches of a Spruce tree...

Our Vet informed us that Wong had a slipped tendon

Over her elbow and it would not stay in place.

(I forget the medical term).

Anyway, here they are....

Madam Wong and Madam Lee.

By Dottie (


Dottie is also the photographer of the featured image.



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