Hush, my sweet lady, you need cry no more.
No bogeyman will dare invade this door,
no wizard, warlock, self indulgent witch,
no Baron with a predatory itch,
No King will come a-knocking at your gate;
For I have vowed to have you for my mate

On Halloween, upon the witching hour
when all the hordes of Hell come into power,
when Satan’s Imps go dancing through the night,
when old folks hearts give up in dreadful fright.
Then will I come with both arms open wide;
For I have vowed to take you for my bride

On Halloween, the evening of the beast
We’ll celebrate our lonely wedding feast.
We’ll drink a toast from glasses brimming blood
drained from the pure, the innocent, the good,
and I will give to you eternal life
for I have vowed to take you for my wife

On Halloween, we’ll make our maiden flight;
As vampire bats we’ll flutter through the night,
and if some child should ask us ‘Trick or Treat’
We’ll snatch him up and drink his blood so sweet;
And centuries from now, we’ll sit and dream
of how we loved, on our first Halloween.




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