The postman saw that the stained glass window in her front door was broken and the door was lightly ajar. He walked to a neighbor and asked to use the phone, then called the police. When the police arrived they, with pistols in hand, carefully entered the house and searched it. They found what looked to be blood spots on the carpet. But nobody was in the house, not even a dead body.

On a table top was a blue bowl, and in the bowl was one ear-ring. It might be a clue, so they bagged the ear-ring in a little plastic bag.

The finger print man went around dusting for fingerprints, leaving black smudges everywhere. The garage showed that no car was in it. After the detectives checked things out thourougly, they secured the premises and put a yellow crime tape across the front door. Then they left.

Neighbors stood and stared at the goings on, Wondering what had taken place. Then a car pulled into the driveway. It was the woman who lived there. She was flabberghasted when she saw the crime tape and asked a few people what had happened. Nobody had an answer.

She, afraid to go through the crime tape and enter what possibly could be a crime scene, drove to the police station and asked what had happened at her house. When they told her of their findings she laughed and pulled her hair back from her ear, showing a bandage.

"There was no crime. I wanted pierced ears and was trying to pierce my own, but goofed. I managed to get one ear-ring on, but in the process I tore the lobe. So I went to the hospital to get it stitched."

"What happened to your front door?"

"Oh, well." She laughed with embarrassment." I got outside, the door locking behind me, and realized that I didn't have my keys. The car was parked in the driveway and I couldn't unlock it. So, I went back to the front door and found I had locked it. I picked up a rock and broke the window, and then I reached in to the lock. Since I couldn't secure the place with a broken window, I just left it open and went on my way to get my ear fixed."





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