Down in the meadow under the full moon so fair,

The corn stalks rise up tall and straight into the brisk, fall air.

Some say they move around and form patterns when the night is very dark.

There is rumor that aliens are involved in this activity, and its they who have left their mark.

Old farmer John has a fancy computer to make such mazes and patterns they say,

But town folk like the story of the aliens out in the fields with their ships moving the hay.

Come Halloween the villagers are setting up camp near the big farm field in hopes of finding out the secret of the corn.

They plan to hide and stay awake until dawn of the early morn.

Old farmer John will lay fast asleep in his bed under a downy blanket of blue.

The town folks' plan has missed him, and left him without a clue.

The cows are still under the darkened sky as black as the coal bucket down in the cellar.

Folks are looking to the sky in hopes of something more stellar.

In the distance motors can be heard as clouds of dust appear to envelope the corn.

Tractors are working feverishly from dark till just before dawn.

The villagers sit as if in a trance while the equipment does its job.

No one can see the drivers, and one old woman lets out a sob.

“It’s those aliens, they’re behind the wheels for sure”, she cries.

Everyone stays motionless as the noise and dust throughout the corn flies.

All of a sudden, the noise and dust disappear as if it was never there.

The villagers rise to their feet and give a blank stare.

The field was transformed into circles and writing that they read with fear.

It says in huge letters, “We’re Here”.




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