Twas a meeting of the ethereal spirit clan,
And everyone was assembled there to hear
Their exalted sorcerer tell his latest plan
Of using the Internet at this time of year.

They listened in amazement as he spoke
Of the World Wide Web and Cyberspace.
“Could he be serious? Was this a joke?
How would we travel from place to place?”

He recited an incantation, waving his magic wand,
And wove a spell over all as he hypnotized
Bringing them all together in a common bond
Of a fraternity of spirits so affinitized.

He babbled a while of matters mystical;
Then in a clairvoyant state of ambiguity,
He expounded at length on those metaphysical,
Displaying an outlook of much perspicuity.

He again spoke in tongues; then lectured to them
Of the marvels of technology at their disposal,
For them to develop and enhance their stratagem.
This was the sorcerer’s earnest proposal.

Just conjure up a computer with a modem so strong
And at least two giga bytes of Hard Drive
With power to spare you will not go wrong;
You’ll be amazed at the pleasure you will derive.

You will find on the Internet new places to haunt
As you do your devious deeds so unseen.
You’ll zip through Cyberspace in your jaunt
And every night will be Halloween.




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