Halloween is quickly creeping 'round.
Mystical lights and blood curdling sound.
Witches and demons dance on the graves
Zombies and Ghouls getting haircuts and shaves.

This is the night that they all have a chance.
Look very closely and you may catch a glance.
Skeletons rattle their bones all about.
Hobgoblins leap and giggle and shout.

Ebony bats are flapping their wings.
Tonight you may see all manner of things.
Werewolves running, they come when they're called.
Some beasts are hairy, others really quite bald.

Vampires and Trolls are happily cackling,
While playing touch football, each other tackling.
Uncle Fester is making the barbeque sauce.
Spiders and snakes in the cauldron he'll toss.

But one thing stands out in this scary scene.
It is so ugly that it's downright obscene!
Why is it there? It just makes no sense.
The horrible picture on my....driver's license!




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